Drew The Dream

Hip hop is the epitome of expressive musicality that forms an unbreakable bond between the performer and the listeners through its genuine and honest emotive wordplay. Born-talented hip hop artist from South Carolina, Drew The Dream has established an inspirational soundscape that is based on his own life experiences. He has recently released single ‘Survival’ paints a brutally honest and penetrating picture that encourages the audience to fight off the negativity and obstacles in life to survive the hardship without giving in to the pain. The dynamic rap delivery by the artist in the track sets a benchmark for the contemporary standards in today’s hip hop community.

Heavily influenced by the thematic greatness of the rapper in his locality, the prolific South Carolina rapper has developed a unique rhyming technique that has separated him from the contemporary crowd. Driven by his raw passion and genuine devotion for the genre, the brilliant performer has weaved an extraordinary soundscape that has the authentic resonance of the golden age of hip hop and the charismatic vision of the new-age music. The innovative and relatable content of his compositions connects with the audience on different psychological levels imparting brilliant optimism.

Working independently, Drew The Dream has built a huge fanbase in just a matter of time with his inimitable musical skills. The finest number in his collection Survival’ has left a positive impact in the current hip hop community featuring a stream of reverberated rhythmic progression. The minimal use of instrumentation brings out the true dexterity of his rapping that breathes life to the eloquent lyrical illustration. His outstanding collection including tracks like ‘Heart Cry’, ‘Like That’, ‘Silly Rabbit’, ‘Date A Stripper’, and more have already topped the popularity chart worldwide. Listen to his brilliant musical therapy on SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on his future activities.

Experience hot new single ‘Survival’ on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/user-270439137/survival