Photo by Trenity J. Thomas @504degrees

The four UNO students (and roommates) who make up 166 Productions are pleased to announce that “WTF! (We the Future,” their feature length documentary about the Baton Rouge rap scene will premiere this week. Last September, OffBeat reported on students KC Simms, Maison Harris, Kirkland Sheppard, and Braelyn Collier as they gathered and produced footage of hip hop artists in their hometown of Baton Rouge. Simms stated: Baton Rouge is a city that’s nuanced and multilayered and we wanted to document that in all its beauty. Baton Rouge is also a city with deep emotional scars and we felt that if we could show a community that’s united then we’d be doing our part in making sure that the next generation can look and see a better Baton Rouge.”

In total, the production team interviewed, collaborated with, filmed, and more with 16 artists in the Baton Rogue area which include Michael Armstead, Caleb Brown, a rap group Col-Der-Sac, Jose Xavier, Tre Louis, Joe Scott, Ken Aniah, Quadry, Safari, Cokeish, Jireh and Tommy Rouge, Lango, Dq Rogers, Brandom the Goat, Cremosoup, and Jazz Bandito. This time, vocalist Veauxgue, lends her voice to the project as well, appearing in the trailer for the Baton Rouge rap documentary.

“We’re really excited for everyone to see these talented artists,” added Simms. “Our hope is that afterwards people are going to have a fuller idea of the bright future that Baton Rouge and Louisiana as a whole has.”

The premiere, which is free and open to the public, will be held July 22 at 7:30 p.m. at 222 North Boulevard Town Square in Baton Rouge.