CENO DA DON cherishes love and the bond with his love affair with a highly addictive soundscape titled ‘Xamount of pressure’ that is sure to get hooked instantly.


Since its inception, love has been the center of numerous hip-hop creations, and this time artist CENO DA DON has emerged to take the scenario to the next level with his impressive take on it. The melodious rapper has opened up his exquisite thought process on the theme and has crafted a vulnerable hip-hop anthem that is sure to add up as another hitting classic hip-hop piece under his name. The best of love hip-hop songs represent genuine passion and the words are directed to touch the audience’s heart at once. By keeping in mind all such qualities and injecting his uniqueness into it, the artist has dropped his latest hip-hop love anthem that he openly dedicates to the love of his life.

The song ‘Xamount of pressure’ gives a close-up with a soulful melody line to how the artist feels towards his love interest. Filled with explicit and sensational lyrics, the song kicks off on an impressive note with the rapper’s impressive voice engulfing the mood almost immediately. The magnetic sounds and hitting beat arrangement highlights the songwriting more effectively. The words embrace the volatility of their love equation and are directed to address the girl’s enviable features. The rapper is his most infectious approach declares his desires to his love interest and makes it convincing with his classic rap sound. The song sounds like the traditional love anthem but doesn’t come equipped with the potential cheesiness. It’s catchy, smooth, and fully groovy.

With the song ‘Xamount of pressure’ that comes attached with a fixed image on the background, CENO DA DON’s tries to explain the essence and passion of love with his deeply heartfelt songwriting. The song stands out on multiple fronts and the verses are so intimate that the lights need to be dimmed to relish its true magic. The soothing harmonies swirling in the backspace elevates the mood and creates a stunning atmosphere for the audience to passionately indulge. There’s a natural attractive groove attached to the rapper’s voice that makes the sweet words appeal more to the audience. The single is an easy hit for its luxurious soundscape that pleases the listener at every hook. Showcasing a nostalgic approach towards his hip-hop production, the artist works fantastically to highlight his emotion with poetic wittiness to make the song a superbly engaging listen. Beautifully immersive and emotively honest, hear out the song on YouTube with your partner and relive the storyline with greater passion.

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